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REIFE LADIES ESCORT therefore does not accept any responsibilty or guarantee for any offers or statement made in any of the 'advertisements'.

REIFE LADIES ESCORT does not directly offer any services but acts as an intermediary and administrator between our principals and their clients. REIFE LADIES ESCORT therefore does not accept any responsibilty or guarantee for any offers or statement made in any of the 'advertisements'. This is equally true for any hyperlinks offered on the REIFE LADIES ESCORT website. REIFE LADIES ESCORT does not have any influence on the contents and functionality of the websites linked to and therefore cannot be held responsible for anything said or offered on these websites..

If anything not compliant with the law on any of the websites linked to is brought to the attention of REIFE LADIES ESCORT we will not hesitate to take down the hyperlink in question.

All information and communication by our switchboard is explicitly given on behalf of the respective principal and is to be understood as if given by her/himself. The REIFE LADIES ESCORT switchboard staff is merely working on a free-lance basis. Therefore they cannot be held personally responsible for any information given.

FAKE Bookings:
REIFE LADIES ESCORT explicitly distances itself from a 'fake booking'-practice used by some clients and competitors to harm the agency and its principals. We will use all possible legal (civil and criminal) tools to pursue such practice.

We will be happy to take reservations two days or more in advance. Upon a down payment of 50 Euro - payable through our credit card payment center - we will block the time desired with the lady selected.

With cancellations within 24 hours of the reserved date the prepaid amount will be forfeit and an additional cancellation fee of 50 Euro will be charged. Cancellations at 12 hours or less (within our office hours) before the reserved date will be charged with the minimum hourly rate of 170 Euro plus service fee.

When the date happens as planned the prepaid amount will be fully credited to the escort fee.

REIFE LADIES ESCORT offers and expects full confidentiality. All members of the team are legally bound to keep all information confidential. Clients and ladies will also acknowledge the obligation to not engage in private and direct communications beyond the appointment set up through the agency. Every additional contact will be made through REIFE LADIES ESCORT.

Respect and Seriousness:
REIFE LADIES ESCORT feels obligated to its and her principals' good reputation. All ladies will treat you with respect and dignity, and in return expect the same from you. REIFE LADIES ESCORT and its principals offer and expect good manners.

Dress code:
Unless the client does request a special dress our ladies will meet him wearing cultivated and unconspicuous clothing. If you wish them to wear a special outfit, i.e. business dress, or especially sexy, our ladies will certainly be happy to fulfill these wishes.

REIFE LADIES ESCORT is paid a fixed flat rate by her principals for acting as an intermediary and taking care of the administration. REIFE LADIES ESCORT is not getting any percentage of the principals' revenue or income. All Fees apply for one-on-one bookings only. Please note that for any specialties like escorting couples an additional fee applies. The agreed upon fee is payable in cash at the beginning of the date unless you have made use of our credit card option beforehand.

Terms and conditions for travel:
REIFE LADIES ESCORT charges a flat fee of € 25 for travels within Vienna unless stated otherwise. For locations outside of Vienna an addtional fee of € 0,50 for every kilometer counted from the city limits will have to be paid by the customer. Since our ladies usually use the services of a taxi or driver for trips outside of Vienna, a 'waiting fee' for the taxi/driver of €5/hour starting with the second hour will be charged.

Credit Card/PayPal Payments:
Besides Cash-payments REIFE LADIES ESCORT accepts VISA and MASTERCARD Credit Cards or PAYPAL only. Payment can be made solely over the secure server of our payment provider HOBEX. The amount charged will have to be agreed upon beforehand with the swithboard and/or by email, including a service fee of 10 EURO to cover additional administrative costs. REIFE LADIES ESCORT does not store any personal data from the transaction and no information will be given to any third party.

All complaints about REIFE LADIES ESCORT principals, the switchboard staff or any other problems concerning the website or offers by REIFE LADIES ESCORT please direct to the owner of the website (see LEGAL NOTICE and FEEDBACK).


All information published on the REIFE LADIES ESCORT website appears exactly as intended by our principals.